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Tattoo Removal


With so many permanent makeup mishaps and tattoo regrets this is a booming field with lots of earning potential. This course will teach you how to safely lighten/remove both permanent makeup, microblading, and small tattoos with our salt saline solution. The process can be used with all skin types and can be more effective than traditional laser tattoo removal processes.

REGISTER: Tattoo Removal


Removal Solution & Certification


Tuition Fee: $400.00


4 hours


The course is to be paid in full, no discounts or combinations can be combined. Students have up to two days prior to the course start date to register. All students must provide proof of being a permanent makeup and or tattoo artist. All course payments are final. This is a LIVE webinar course, all attendees are required to join the webinar 15 minutes the start time. Rescheduling requests are to be made at least 7 days in advance.

Next Webinar Date

Tuesday June 26th @10am


When taking the course it is suggested that you are in a quiet area, with minimal distractions. To better prepare feel free to have headphones, writing utensils, reliable internet connection, and questions. You will receive the course training manual via email two days prior to the course start date. Any precourse work and literature will be sent to you via email upon registration. Upon successful completion, you will receive your training certification and solution.

Interactive Online Training

  • Ask questions and gain knowledge.
  • Social learning.
  • Interaction with the trainer.
  • Skill reinforcement.
  • All registrants must join the webinar 15 minutes prior to the course start.
  • All registrants must provide formal proof and verification of education and experience using a permanent makeup machine and or tattoo machine.
  • All registrants must complete a student agreement and must adhere to ethics and product standards.
  • Infection Prevention & Control.
  • Sterilization & Disinfection.
  • Tattoo Removal Process.
  • Step By Step Visuals.
  • Live FAQ.