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CHROMA “Grey Mixer” Pigment

CHROMA Lesley pigment is the truest, deepest and best red ever. Great for a refresher because it is translucent. This is a cool color.

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CHROMA “Grey Mixer”  pigment used mostly for mixing to achieve skin tones. Use Grey Mixer with other CHROMA skin pigments to achieve the lightness and darkness of the skin, not the color of the skin when doing skin/scar camouflaging work. For mixing only, includes: Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide, Ethyl Alcohol, Glycerin.

Chroma pigments are manufactured under the strictest standards in the USA.  Derived from only the highest quality ingredients permitted by the FDA. Therefore, our pigments are made with iron oxides and a small amount of organic pigment for vibrancy. It is believed organics – not iron oxides – are the pigments almost all allergic reactions are attributed to.  Iron oxides hold a very important place in the pigment market because of their wide range of colors, stability, and non-toxic nature.

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