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NOT YOUR TYPICAL MICROBLADING TRAINING 720 400 Academy of Advanced Cosmetics

The Academy of Advanced Cosmetics is an elite institution in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in training for students interesting in learning about eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, ombre eyebrow training, micropigmentation, paramedical tattooing, and especially, microblading. With a mix of hands on training and in-the-classroom-learning, AAC helps you prepare for a successful career in the beauty industry.

Microblading, a type of permanent makeup, helps to both disguise missing eyebrow hair and to improve the appearance and thickness of existing hair. It is one of our most popular courses. Microblading has seen an incredible surge in popularity recently. This means the beauty industry is desperately in need of more professionals with skills and training to meet the increased demand.

We’ve recently restructured our microblading program to offer a new and improved student experience! We now have multiple levels, ranging from artist to brand ambassador trainer.


  • This is a great place to start for beginners. It shows that you’ve successfully completed at least one AAC training course.
  • Your options include courses in microblading, permanent makeup, paramedical tattooing, and more.


stand out from the crowd

  • A specialist is someone who has been recognized by AAC as performing well and building a following. Specialists have good business practices in the industry and are likely to go on to successful careers.

To become a Specialist, you must have been a certified artist for at least 4 months, as well as:

  • Submit 10 Before and After Pics of your work
  • Submit a video of you working along with that same models before and after
  • Submit all social media channels

Being a Specialist shows people you truly know what you are doing. It can be an invaluable asset on your resume and to your career.


  • It’s not easy becoming a Brand Ambassador, but it’s an honor if you do, an honor that is sure to help accelerate your career in the beauty industry. Being a Brand Ambassador establishes you as a true professional in the industry.
  • In order to become a Brand Ambassador, you must already be a Specialist and you must submit 5 Before and After Pics of your “Best Work.”


  • You can become a Brand Ambassador Trainer by completing Trainer Program. If you’ve already completed Brand Ambassador level training and are interesting in becoming a trainer yourself contact us.
  • Becoming a Brand Ambassador Trainer is also a great way to supplement your income and teach others the things you’ve learned during your time in the beauty industry.

If you truly want to become an expert microblader with all of the experience and credentials that that entails, then it is essential to complete all of our training levels. And they must all be completed in order. It requires some hard work and focus, but ultimately it is worth it because completing all of the training levels can have an enormous impact on your career.

So, if you’re interested in learning how to microblade, apply permanent makeup or how to do paramedical tattooing, enroll in the Acadament of Advanced Cosmetics today!

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