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Learn the latest beauty trends right at home with AAC’s NEW online training courses.

Learn the latest beauty trends right at home with AAC’s NEW online training courses. 1024 284 viridiangeeks

I know you have probably heard the saying “time waits for no one … we all have the same twenty-four hours in a day”. The question that I propose, “are you willing to utilizing those hours to the best of your ability?” As today’s technology continues to rapidly advance, so does our ability to communicate and interactively learn through various web based apps. These platforms allow anyone around the world to receive advanced education in new procedures and services. Did you know that studies have proven convenience and time-saving as the best two benefits of online training? The Academy of Advanced Cosmetics (AAC) is known as one of the best advanced cosmetic training academies in the United States and is ranked preferred among new permanent makeup artist. With new innovation, AAC has developed an impressive lineup of online training courses.

As the beauty industry grows so does trends and services. Thanks to modern technology, social media and other media outlets, we are learning more and more about new products and services. But learning these new techniques can be time consuming, expensive and often pulls professionals from behind the chair which, ultimately can affect income. The need to acquire new skills is essential to building an impressive repertoire of services. For most working professionals, there seems to be no solution other than traveling and taking time off of work to attend an advanced training course. Great news, the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics offers advanced online training courses through an interactive online training academy designed for Micropigmentation professionals, permanent makeup and tattoo artist, eyelash extensions technicians, and beauty industry professionals alike. Course enrollment is simple, easy and secure. Students can expect to to learn based on the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics company motto: High Standards. Quality Work!

What makes the the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics training courses unique is their user-friendly web-based interface. Students can comfortability learn with the flexibility of “on-demand-training”. AAC’s online academy was developed specifically to engage students with exams, detailed literature, step-by step video tutorials, downloadable forms and comprehensive training manuals. Many course accompany a professional starter kit, course manual, and certification which is mailed to the student once he or she has completed their online training course. Students are able to communicate with instructors via an online portal, email and through live webinars. Past students have noted that there online training experience at AAC as one of the best education choices they have made in their career.

“Time waits for no one” and with AAC’s new online courses, students can enjoy learning on their own time and at their own pace. With complete flexibility, students can easily register at aactraining.com and complete their training courses at their leisure and comfort of their home or wherever an internet connection is present. To learn more about the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics training courses visit www.aactraining.com.

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