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Loans For Medical Services

Better Loans Create Better Lives

Access to money at fair rates through a personal loan can be the difference between moving forward in life or putting your education on hold. At LendingPoint, we’re in the business of making fair credit fair again by understanding your credit story today and helping you grow financially stronger tomorrow.


Why Financing?

  • Many adult professionals require flexible training courses that integrate into their busy lifestyles.  When you are building a brand or business, sometimes finances are redirected to areas outside of advancing education. Financing will allow you to continue to grow or start your business with financial freedom while you learn a new skill in the process. Financing frees up your financial commitments so that you do not have to pay a large lump sum of money for your education at one time.
  • Obtaining a continuing education loan has a variety of benefits and can be used as a credit-building opportunity.  Make every payment in full and on time, to set the stage for future credit interactions.

Is there Government Financing?

Unfortunately, NO, there is very little government aid available for continuing advanced cosmetic professionals. We do not offer government financial aid. Veterans can check with their funding agency to see if they can secure funding for their education at AAC. If more information if needed please consult with an AAC admissions representative.

How Does AAC’s Financing Partnership Work?

  • Contact AAC for an enrollment consultation on your course of interest.
  • Apply for student financing via Lending Point.
  • Upon approval, an AAC rep will contact you to discuss your terms & agreement.
  • Complete your AAC student agreement.
  • Complete your Lending Point financing agreement.
  • Registration details will be sent one business day after approval.

Term & Conditions

  • AAC is in no way responsible for determining who is approved or denied.
  • AAC is no way the lender of the loan and ONLY serves as a liaison to Lending Point.
  • AAC is no way responsible for payments, fees, and terms.
  • AAC is available to assist you through the loan process.
  • No course specials, discounts, or combinations can be applied to the financed course.
  • Approved borrowers must complete a Lending Point financing .application and acknowledge their Terms and Agreement.
  • Approved borrowers must sign and complete AAC’s student agreement.
  • All borrowers are required to pay a non-waivable Convivence & Admin Fee (see their chart).

Loans For Medical Services