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  • This title identifies you as someone who has been trained and has successfully completed AAC’s training Course.
  • How can I become an Artist? Take one of our training courses at AAC.


  • Specialist is someone who has been recognized by AAC as someone that is performing well. Building a following and who has good business practices in the industry.
  • How can I become a Specialist? To become a Specialist, you must meet all the requirements.
    • Have been a certified artist for at least 4 months.
    • Submit 10 Before and After Pics of your work
    • Submit a video of you working along with that same models before and after
    • Submit all social media channels


  • This is an honor to have and will open you up to many avenues with in the company and the industry. This establishes you as a true professional in the industry.
  • How do I become a Brand Ambassador? In order to become a Brand Ambassador you must meet the following requirements.
    • Already be a Specialist
    • Submit 5 Before and After Pics of your “Best Work”


  • The Brand Ambassador | Trainer is someone who has successfully completed the train the trainer program. As a brand Ambassador | Trainer your position is to guide Artist and Specialist to improve their artistic skills and help build the brand.  Your representation in the public is key and you work closely with trainees, artist, and specialist to encourage them and help improve their skills.  This level is a compensated position within AAC.
  • How do I become a Brand Ambassador |Trainer? To become a Brand Ambasador | Trainer you must meet the following requirements.
    • Enroll and successfully complete the train the trainer program. This is a very lengthy process and will take some time and effort.  Because we are only looking for the best our goal is not in quantity but in quality, so we will only select only a few each year.



  • What if I took the Microblading Course prior to the new 10 levels coming out can I still become a specialist? If you have not completed the 10 levels you must complete each level first and then submit this along with the remaining requirements.
  • What if I took a training course from some where else but I want to become a Specialist or a Brand Ambassador? If you have taken another training course from another Academy you can still apply however you must arrange to take our 10-level post course work first.  Once passed you can then submit the remaining requirements.
  • Can I go straight from Artist to Brand Ambassador? No, you must complete each level in order.
  • I would like to submit my information for the next level. How do I do so?  Please submit your completed information to [email protected].  If you need to do the 10 level post course work prior please request the information and we will contact you.  Please allow 7 to 14 days to review information.