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Microblading +
Ombre Eyebrow Training

AAC’s Elite Brow Specialist is a three-day hands on Eyebrow Course that includes Microblading (Using the Handtool), Microshading (Using the Handtool), and Ombre Brows (Using a digital Machine). In this course, you will have the opportunity to work on 2 Live Models, learn permanent makeup eyebrow corrections, brow mapping, and so much more. This is the class for those that want to learn every aspect of applying Permanent Makeup to the Eyebrow. Watch the video to learn more about Microblading & Ombre eyebrow training at the Academy of Advanced Cosmetics.

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Learn Microblading

AAC’s Microblading Certification Training course is designed for students who have an interest in Microblading (Hairstroke/Feather Stroke Brows), or who have a passion within the beauty industry and want to expand their talents within their business. Students will learn how to use the most advanced permanent cosmetic pigments available and highly specialized medical tattooing techniques. Learn to replicate missing brow hair, by tattooing individual hair strokes into bare or thinning spots in the brow. Students will be exposed to training in a specialized combination of art and science.

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